Sexy Food Herbs and Other Stuff!



The first one is for all the Chocolate lovers out there.  Dark chocolate is in the news a lot these days.  Studies are finding that it is high in antioxidants and magnesium.  It is beneficial for the brain and the heart among other things.  But what about the libido? How can chocolate enhance your love life?

Chocolate has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries.  Women were banned from taking it, while the Marquis de Sade and Casanova used it religiously.  Montezuma, the original chocoholic, drank 50 cups a day and one more before each sexual encounter.  That is a lot of chocolate!

How does it work?  First and foremost chocolate gives you energy.  Raw cacao in particular boosts energy levels.  Chocolate can give you the energy needed to engage in sexual relations.  Chocolate also contains tryptophan that helps build serotonin which is a brain chemical involved in sexual arousal.  It also contains Phenylethylamine that is related to amphetamine which is released when you fall in love.  Although studies are showing the levels of these chemicals to be too low to have an effect, researchers are still absolutely convinced that women are more susceptible to the effects of chocolate.  The studies continue!  How do I sign up?


Chinese herbalists have prescribed ginseng for centuries as a tonic for aging and to aid the libido.  They believe that it will strengthen sperm and impotent genitals.  For men Panax ginseng is excellent for increasing energy drastically.  Studies done on animals show that ginseng does increase sexual activity.

Panax ginseng can be used for women and will relieve stress and increase energy.  A better option for women is Siberian ginseng.  In Chinese medicine Siberian ginseng is a cold remedy which is better for women aging.  Although it does not contain ginsenosides it has an estrogen equivalent.  Siberian ginseng relieves stress and increases energy.  Some studies have shown that Siberian ginseng does help women having issues with vaginal dryness and lowered libido

It is believed that both ginsengs help create nitric oxide the same as Viagra!  Remember though that as an herbal supplement it will have a cumulative affect rather than an instant one.

Saw Palmetto

I include this one for its effect on benign prostate enlargement.  It does assist in this condition according to many studies.

While folk healers used it for this purpose centuries ago, they soon came to believe that it increased women’s breast size and invigorated male genitals.  Studies have not confirmed this.

Gingko Biloba

The effects of Gingko on the brain are in the news a lot.  The benefit of gingko biloba on the brain, comes from its ability to open blood vessels.  This makes it excellent for varicous veins as well, preventing the ache of these veins.

How does this help sexually?  The ability of Gingko to open blood vessels means an increase in blood flow to the penis.  This assists in remedying erectile dysfunction.  By increasing blood flow to the brain it helps counter the negative effects of anti-depressants on sexual function.  The increase in blood flow causes an increase in energy levels.


What the heck?  How can sweat be sexy?  Human sweat carries pheromones which are what attracts us to another person.  Not everyone reacts to the same pheromones, thank goodness!  Sweat means exertion, exertion means exercise, exercise means stamina.  Need I say more?

Energy levels affect sexual performance in a number of ways.  As you can see, the one underlying ability of all the food and herbs above is an increase in energy.  Exercise, relax , get enough sleep and if needed take a supplement that is right for you and you can increase your libido.

Refrence: White Linda B, M.D., Foster Steven, The Herbal Drugstore, Rodale, Emmaus Pennsylvania