Eye Health Natural Choices for Common Eye Problems





Eye exercises and herbal supplements as well as Vitamin A rich foods can help with eye strain, tired eyes and swollen eyes.

Eyebright is the most obvious of herbs when thinking of natural treatments for the eyes.  This amazing herb has been used for centuries to treat eye and sinus issues.  It is useful in eye strain, red eyes and watery eyes.  It can be steeped into a tea and drunk one to three times per day.  It can also be cooled and strained and used as a compress applied to the eyelids.  Eyebright is anti-inflammatory as well as astringent making it extremely useful for swollen eyes

Swollen Eyes

Images of a woman laying back in a chair with her eyes covered with tea bags or cucumber slices have been around almost as long as television.  The question is whether this image is for humour or whether it is a realistic choice for swollen eyes.  Happily it is an excellent choice for swollen and tired eyes.

Black tea or camellia sinensis has astringent properties and bioflavonoid which sooth swollen tissue.  Simply ring out cool tea bags and apply to the eyes for ten to fifteen minutes.  In addition to soothing the swollen tissue tea bags are also useful in cases of pink eye and sties.  They inhibit movement of the infection as well as soothing the tissue of the eyelids.

Cucumber is an excellent choice for soothing swollen eyes.  Cucumbers have an anti-inflammatory property which reduces the swelling around the eyes.  The water content in cucumber is also high so that it will assist in hydrating the tissue around the eyes.

A compress of eyebright or fennel or chamomille can also be cooled and applied to the eyes.  Make sure to relax for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Eye Strain and Tired Eyes

Our eyes are overused every day.  TV, texting and computer use are prime causes of eye strain.  Most corporations inform their employees that they should take a 10 minute break every couple of hours but the employees rarely follow this advice due to deadlines and workload.

Drinking eyebright tea one to three times per day is helpful but there are other ways to relieve eye strain and tiredness.  Eye exercises are a great way to relax overused eyes.

One exercise that has been around for at least 100 years is palming.  This is an exercise created by Dr William Bates  .  Begin by covering the eyes with both hands.  Make sure that the palms are cupped and not pressing on the eyeball.  Also make sure that the arms are in a comfortable position because palming is done for 5 to 10 minutes.  When the eyes are covered comfortably open them.  If possible arrange the hands to cut out as much light as possible.  Think of an imaginary horizon point and look toward that point.  Continue for the required time or until discomfort is felt.  Mini palming sessions can be practised but the lengthier session should be done at least once a day.

There are several sites online that contain free eye exercises.  For more information you can also read  Eye Exercises and Vision Training by Rebecca Turner on Suite101.com.

Care and maintenance of the eyes is as important on a daily basis as good dental health