Raw Food is a Miracle!

I never thought I would sing the praises of a raw food diet but here I am.  I was first introduced to raw food by some cookbooks that came into the store I work in.  I thumbed through them and found myself drooling so of course I had to buy them.  Some of the recipes are amazing!The key to the raw food diet is flavour!  All of the recipes I have tried have been twice as flavorful as the cooked versions.  This includes the desserts.I love my cooked food so that I have not fully converted to raw food yet but I must say that I include raw food in my diet frequently.  Raw food does not simply mean plain vegetables or salad.  The raw food diet consists of crackers, croutons (best I’ve ever had), pad Thai, spaghetti, pizza, curry and many others.  It also includes a huge number of tasty treats from ice cream to chocolates, apple pie and my favorite Raspberry Ganache Raw Chocolate Cake!

The wonderful thing about raw food is that fruits and vegetables have health benefits that most of us don’t realize.  Coconut helps weight loss and assists in the fight against Alzheimer’s, chocolate is one of the highest antioxidants known, citrus fruit has antioxidants, vitamin C and helps prevent acne while protecting the liver.  Many of the most beneficial aspects of fruits and vegetables are lost through the cooking process.

A trip to Organic Lives, a raw food restaurant in Vancouver convinced me that the savory raw food dishes are just as good as the desserts.  My friend and I tried the Tapas platter which had a number of different dips and crackers.  All were delicious.  My Aloo Tika was a bit strange to look at but as soon as I tasted it I was hooked.  This is the place where I had the best croutons of my life.  They are so delicious that you could eat them as a snack food.  They are raw and made from Spanish almonds.

Trying a raw food restaurant was a little out of my normal habits but I will definitely go back.  An amazing side effect of my lunch was that I actually felt healthier.  The food was doing exactly what it was supposed to do, feed and heal my body.  It is hard to explain but for me eating vibrant healthy food refreshes my brain and body in an actual physical sensation.

No posting about raw food would be complete without mentioning Ani Phyo.  This woman is a hero of mine.  Her savory cookbooks are a treat but her amazing Ani’s Raw Food Desserts is a must have.  Her recipes are easy quick and absolutely delicious. They are meant to be tried without having to spend a fortune in special appliances.  Of all Ani’s recipes I have tried from her book, the Raspberry Ganache Raw Chocolate cake is my favorite.  She has it in cake mix form but it is so easy and only takes about 10 minutes from scratch (not counting soaking time).  I recommend watching her YouTube video to get an idea of how easy and quick this really is.

My experience in herbal medicine has taught me to be in awe of the amazing pharmacopeia that is available to us.  It has also taught me that food itself can be the best medicine.