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Colds Flu and Oregano

  When I first heard people talking about Oil of Oregano and colds I admit I was sceptical.  To me Oregano was good for cooking and since it was an herb it probably had some healing value but I hadn’t done the research.Turns out that Oregano is an amazing healing herb.  It is helpful for coughs, […]

Turmeric the Miraculous

A great number of herbs have varied uses but apart from garlic, none are more talked about than Turmeric.  In recent times turmeric has made the news for it’s cancer curing properties, as an anti-inflammatory and as a treatment for MS. Turmeric has been an ingredient in Indian curries for centuries and has only just […]

Natural Remedies and Safety

  Natural, Healthy Alternative, Organic, Herbal, all of these words conjure up pictures of safe natural ways to heal ourselves.  Vitamins are healthy and needed, aren’t they?I am a strong proponent of natural remedies but I also believe that YOU are responsible for knowing what you are putting in your body. Many herbal supplements, natural remedies […]