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Antioxidants and Free Radicals – Understanding the Relationship

  After the Christmas and New Year over indulgence most people are looking to reconnect with a healthier lifestyle.  Here is an article originally published by me on that will provide some information to start your new healthier lifestyle.Antioxidant foods and antioxidant vitamins are currently hot topics. Less is known about free radicals and […]

It’s About Thyme

Thymus vulgaris or Thyme is used by many cultures as a seasoning for stews and soups.  It’s medicinal uses are less well known.  Thyme is amazing as antibacterial antiviral antiseptic anti cough antifungal antioxidant It’s pretty obvious from these uses that thyme truly keeps “the bugs” away! Antibacterial Antiseptic and the other Anti’s Steep thyme […]