Why Do We Need to Do a Liver Cleanse

Your liver is a very overworked organ.  It synthesizes non-essential amino acids, produces bile which emulsifies fats, aids digestion and metabolizes carbohydrates and medicines.  It works all the time.  Whenever you eat or drink or take drugs of any kind your liver gets involved.

Given all that it does to keep your body functioning, your liver deserves a little TLC from you occasionally.  There are a number of herbs and cleanses that can assist you in maintaining your liver health.

Fatty Liver

Taber’s describes Fatty Liver as degenerative changes in liver cells owing to fat deposits in the cells.  This sounds benign and in fact simple fatty liver is, however when the liver is damaged further by inflammation it can fail leading to the need for a liver transplant.    For a full rundown on fatty liver see the Canadian Liver Foundations website


Cirrhosis is the liver disease most associated with alcoholism.  The liver is scarred, unable to regenerate itself and not getting the blood flow it needs to function.  Cirrhosis can be caused by

  • alcoholism
  • viral hepatitis
  • metabolic diseases
  • environmental toxins
  • reaction to drugs

Fatty liver and Cirrhosis are serious enough to have a possible outcome of death if ignored.  It makes sense to take good care of your liver which can actually be fairly easy.

Liver Herbs

The all time best herb for liver health is Dandelion root.  You can pick it out of the grass as long as you haven’t used any chemicals, dry the root and grind it down for use.  The easier alternative is to visit the health food store and either pick up Dandelion supplements or better yet Dandelion Coffee;  Dandelion coffee is made exactly the same way as regular coffee and can be substituted for it either entirely or at least on a regular basis.

Burdock root is also a good liver herb.  It can be found in most health food stores in tincture or supplement form.

Liver Cleansing

Liver cleansing should be done at least twice a year.  Many cleanses are available with some being more drastic than others.  I do not support the belief that fasting is the best cleanse or that an all juice cleanse is the best.  These work for some people but not for others.  If your blood sugar is low you will find yourself extremely ill if you try and do a radical cleanse on your own.

The least radical and easiest to maintain cleanse is the Wild Rose College Herbal D-Tox.   It is a 12 day program that allows you to eat a varied diet.  There is no sugar or flour in this diet but you can check out the food list on the website.  Along with eliminating certain foods for the duration of the program there are specific herbs that are taken every day.

At the end of the twelve days you will find yourself avoiding sugar and certain other foods by choice.  They simply do not appeal anymore.

It is so easy to look after your liver that not looking after it seems like a waste.  If you want to stay healthy and fit then the liver must be included in your fitness routine!


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