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Health Benefits of Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves or Laurus nobilis were extremely important to the ancient Greeks and Romans.  They were a sign of glory, greatness and honor.  Scholars and Olympians were crowned with wreaths of laurel.  Laurel crowns were the headgear of choice of Roman Emperors. In modern times many people will find bay leaves stashed in the back […]

Natural Home Remedies

It is a day of reflection for me.  Twenty years ago today my mother passed away at the age of 56.  That is way too young to die and yet she left an indelible mark on those that knew her. One of my best memories of her was of the remedies she always just seemed […]

Healthy Thanksgiving with Sage

Since it is Thanksgiving here in Canada it seems appropriate to give a nod to a most misunderstood herb, Sage.  Salvia Officinalis or Sage was once thought to be a cure all.  It is still used for a large number of medical issues. The Greeks and Romans used sage to preserve their meat and to […]

Why Do We Need to Do a Liver Cleanse

Your liver is a very overworked organ.  It synthesizes non-essential amino acids, produces bile which emulsifies fats, aids digestion and metabolizes carbohydrates and medicines.  It works all the time.  Whenever you eat or drink or take drugs of any kind your liver gets involved. Given all that it does to keep your body functioning, your […]