Hyssop for Cold and Cough


Psalm 51:7 “purge me with hyssop and I will be clean”

Hyssop or Hyssopus Officinalis has been used as a “holy herb” throughout the ages.  It has been used to clean sacred spaces, in sweat lodges and in medicine bags.

Hyssop is known as a Bee plant.  Honey bees are attracted to its sweet scent so it is excellent for Bee gardens.

It has been used to flavour meats and drinks such as Absinthe and Chartreusse and it has been and is used in perfumery.

What hyssop is especially useful for are chest complaints like

·       Asthma
·       Pleurisy
·       Colds
·       Coughs
·       Bronchitis

It is an excellent pectoral or according to The free dictionary
it is a medicine for relieving disorders of the chest or respiratory tract.

It breaks up congestion allowing the coughing up of excess mucous..  Hyssop is a diaphoretic so it increases sweating which assists in relieving fevers.  It is also an excellent anti-inflammatory for sore muscles.  It has carminative effects for excess gas and promotes menstrual flow.  Pregnant women should avoid using hyssop.

It can be used as incense, tea and poultices.  Poultices are not only effective in relieving chest congestion but also in decreasing inflammation in arthritis and rheumatism.  It is antibacterial and therefore excellent for treating cuts and scrapes.

One positive use for hyssop is for treating sore throats.  It can be combined with other herbs such as horehound and wild cherry bark and made into throat lozenges.

Hyssop has a delightful licorice flavour with hints of lemon making it a delicious tea and flavouring.  It can also be used to flavour sugars and honey.

Mixing one or two teaspoons of hyssop with boiling water and steeping covered for 7 minutes will result in an excellent cold remedy for the entire upper respiratory tract.  It can be sweetened with a little honey which will give the additional benefit of honeys anti-bacterial properties.

Hyssop may not be a well known herb but for those who have tried it, it is  a definite must in any herbal home remedy kit.