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Hyssop for Cold and Cough

  Psalm 51:7 “purge me with hyssop and I will be clean” Hyssop or Hyssopus Officinalis has been used as a “holy herb” throughout the ages.  It has been used to clean sacred spaces, in sweat lodges and in medicine bags. Hyssop is known as a Bee plant.  Honey bees are attracted to its sweet […]

Lemon Balm to Keep Your Moods Balanced

What did people use to balance their mood before anti-depressants.  The pre-vallium herb of choice was Lemon Balm.  Melissa Officinalis or Lemon Balm is a member of the mint family.  It was used to level moods long before pharmaceuticals became fashionable. The great thing about lemon balm is that there are absolutely no side effects […]


  The name, like the plant, needs no embellishment.  Garlic has been used for thousands of years for flavour enhancement, medicine, endurance, and even in literature to keep vampires away! I have had a chance over the past couple of weeks to observe just how well antibiotics work when they are prescribed for an illness […]

Colds and Flu: Natural Remedies

Back to school excitement is easing.  The routine is starting to come together and Wham!  Suddenly you are hit with the first of many bouts of cold and flu!  It seems like it happens earlier each year.  There are some easy immune boosters and herbal supplements that can help. What is the Flu? According to […]